Terms and Conditions

My signature on the front of the sales agreement affirms I have read and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions of sale set forth in the agreement.

  1. Delivery of the product purchased constitutes acceptance of the product and other related delivery products unless otherwise notes and signed by the delivery manager. Please inspect merchandise carefully. It is your responsibility on delivery to accept or not accept damaged products.

  2. Purchasing merchandise requires a down payment. This guarantees that the merchandise or price will be help for up to 90 days. If after 90 days the buyer fails to fulfill this legally binding contract the full amount will be come due and will be charged to the buyer unless buyer and seller have agreed in writing to extend the terms. The buyer agrees to pay to the seller on demand all expenses incurred by the seller including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in the collection of money due to the seller. If the product is repossessed by the seller, the buyer agrees to pay all related expenses to the seller including administrative fees, diminishment or value, pick-up, storage, labor & appraisal fees.

  3. Delivery Date Requests are not a guarantee of delivery date of your sauna. National Marketing Inc. makes every attempt to meet requested delivery dates, but manufacturers, shipping companies and other circumstances may cause the delivery to be delayed.

  4. Related merchandise will not be help in excess of 90 days. Any held item will be returned to stock or resold after 90 days and any down payment will be forfeited in accordance with paragraph 2.

  5. Pre-owned, Blemished or Floor Models that were previously wired or displayed may be sold at a discount because they may be damaged. These units are sold “AS IS” unless repairs are specified and agreed to by both parties in the Contract.

  6. Any special orders must have down payment paid before seller will place the order. Please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery.

  7. The set-up location must protect the unit from getting wet. The warranty does not cover any damages caused by natural weather conditions or any damages caused by water including but not limited to warping, cracking, delaminating or any damage to the electrical components.

  8. For Liability reasons, National Marketing Inc. does NOT do any Electrical Wiring. Our Delivery Crew is not licensed to install any electrical outlet. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the electrical outlet / wiring the product will utilize meets or exceeds the specifications provided with the product’s documentation.

  9. Placement of Boxes and Set Up: ALL products must be paid for “in full” before the products can be shipped or removed from the delivery truck/trailer and placed. Delivery appointments will be set within a FOUR HOUR time window. It is impossible to guarantee an exact delivery time, due to traffic, inclement weather and other circumstances, we will work to the best of our ability to arrive on time. The delivery path must be clear of any debris or obstacles before the delivery team arrives. You must allow ample room to have the boxes delivered and placed. Extra space is needed around the sauna for assembly. Your unit will require a hard, flat and level surface to rest on. Any packaging material is the buyer’s responsibility.